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Gas and power

Gain an in-depth perspective of global gas and power markets.


Energy and electricity, two fundamental pillars supporting key economic operations, are indispensable for businesses, necessitating access to dependable market insights, data, and pricing. This empowers them to make well-founded decisions regarding their engagement in the energy and electricity sectors.

Our team of industry specialists offers impartial and trustworthy price evaluations, indices, market insights, and thorough analyses. Employed by energy corporations, governmental bodies, financial institutions, regulatory authorities, exchanges, and various other entities, our pricing and market expertise are invaluable. Leverage our profound understanding of these sectors to enhance decision-making capabilities

Gas and power market coverage

Adenix Group stands as a premier independent supplier of market insights to the worldwide energy and commodity sectors. Our comprehensive range of price evaluations and market intelligence covers all significant gas and power markets worldwide. Discover the breadth of our coverage tailored to suit your business needs.


Optimise decisions for global natural gas markets with trusted price assessments and unparalleled market intelligence 

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