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Crude Oil

Adenix Group enhances clarity in inherently opaque oil markets, fostering trade efficiency


Adenix Group has emerged as a formidable player in the global market since its recent inception. Our comprehensive reports accurately reflect market dynamics, employing transparent methodologies tailored to each market's nuances. Widely adopted in commercial contracts, official pricing mechanisms, internal pricing structures, tax calculations, and governmental economic models, our price assessments serve all facets of the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil sectors.

With the increasing global demand for US crudes, the convergence of pipeline and maritime markets at the US Gulf coast holds significant importance in global crude pricing dynamics. Adenix Group's assessments in Midland and Houston have stood as the primary physical benchmarks for US crude, also serving as settlement indexes for a robust derivatives market.

Our extensive, reliable, and in-depth coverage of global crude oil markets remains unparalleled. Trust Adenix Group for informed decision-making in navigating today's oil markets effectively.

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Industry-leading prices and analysis for gasoline, diesel, biofuels and blending components like naphtha for each key region

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